Wireless Monitoring Site.

Wireless Monitoring Stations:

Monitoring stations can be placed anywhere needed in the field without concern for wiring or power. The primary site (Gateway) receives and sends data to a special server. The grower can access the server at any time for monitoring reports.


Rain Bird's ClimateMinder battery/solar-operated wireless sensors collect real-time soil and weather data and relay this information directly to a Web Server through a cellular network. The server software automatically prepares a set of standard reports to help the grower make the best decisions for watering cycles.

Users can access the website from any internet-enabled device to check field conditions to include:

  • Confirmation of irrigation cycles
  • Real-time soil moisture levels
  • Actual weather conditions in the field
  • Set alerts and control conditions,
  • Change watering cycles
  • Set up custom reports
  • Choose to receive alerts via text message, e-mail or phone call.