WATER MATTERS, INC. offers a complete package of irrigation system design services primarily focused on the agricultural community. Our designs are produced utilizing one of the world's premier irrigation system design software packages. The process begins with the client completing a questionnaire that provides the essential design parameters. Our irrigation design specialists then follow best practice agricultural knowledge and experience to create the "optimal design" for the specific project. Growers are then able to bid out the project utilizing an itemized bill of materials included with the design.


Systems can be designed to cover solid set sprinklers, micro sprinklers, drip/drip tapes, etc. Project size can range from as small as 1 acre up to 1,000 acres.  All of our designs take into account actual topography of the project in order to correctly adapt and allow for changes in elevation and soil conditions.


  •    Graphical design drawings:
    • Mainlines, Sub-main, and lateral layout with sizing and dimensions
    • Row & plant spacing with tree count
    • Irrigation zones/blocks
    • Water supply(s)
    • Additional hydraulic component details and call-outs
  • Itemized Bill of Materials:
    • Pipe materials, & sizes
    • Fittings
    • Valves
    • Sprinklers/emitters
    • Pump requirements
    • Other materials as required or requested
  • Hydraulic Calculation Reports:
    • Pressure mapping at each sprinkler
    • Flow rates for each individual set