WATER MATTERS, INC. offers a revolutionary, easy-to-use, monitoring and control solution for agriculture - the Rain Bird"ClimateMinder" monitoring and control system. It helps you to: (1)Increase crop yield; (2) Better control water, fertilizer and chemical costs; (3) reduce crop damage by responding immediately to frost condition, and more.

Its mobile technology monitors key data directly from the field and sends it right to your fingertips via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.The data is presented to you in easy to use charts, graphs, and tables.The data collected includes:

  •   Soil Moisture at optional root zone depths from 6 in. to 60 in.
  •   Weather data including date, time, temperature
  •   Rainfall data including date, time
  •   Controls and monitors irrigation cycles

The ClimateMinder solution is an economical, complete monitoring system that includes the hardware, web-based software, installation and training.