Monitoring  Soil Conditions:

  • Too little or too much water can decrease crop yield and quality. By monitoring soil conditions on a real-time basis, the guesswork is taken out of managing your irrigation requirements.                                                                                               
  • Moisture probes constantly measure water and salt concentration at various depths, capturing, charting and reporting trends over time. The grower now has the "hard evidence" to help make the best decisions to solve the problem.

Micro-climate Measurements:

  • Through observations, a grower can generally determine that crop yield can vary depending on the different soil and moisture conditions at various locations within the field. In addition, actual harmful field conditions could range from extreme heat to freezing temperatures.

  • Accurate climate data is indispensable for growers, however, general area-wide weather reports may not reflect the exact climate conditions in their fields. 

  •  By placing multiple sensors in those sensitive areas, again, the grower now has the "hard evidence" to help determine optimum watering and fertilizing requirements.


The Rain Bird "ClimateMinder" Monitoring and Control System helps you to:

  •  Confirm correct application of irrigation         
  •  Increase crop yield
  •  Better control water, fertilizer and chemical costs;
  •  Reduce crop damage by responding immediately to frost condition, and more..