Sales Consultants -

Our Sales Consultants have been trained to help you the grower select the best solutions to your irrigation monitoring and control needs to save you both time and operating cost.



WATER MATTERS, INC. was founded in early 2016 due to a growing need in the local area for independent irrigation system consultation and design.   Our goal is centered around helping the agricultural community continue to be successful as it relates to ever changing governmental water regulations and the need for efficiency. 

In keeping with this theme, Water Matters, Inc. has partnered with Rain Bird as a distributor for the ClimateMinder product line, allowing us to provide growers with tools to help manage and maximize efficiency of their farming operation. Whether through real-time monitoring of irrigation and environmental conditions, or by providing dependable and precise pump and valve control, ClimateMinder is giving us and farm owners/managers the ability to stay ahead of changing demands to be efficient while maximizing crop yield. 


Our mission is to provide our clients with the best solutions to their irrigation needs. The end goal is to maximize crop yield over a defined period of time while optimizing annual operating cost, product reliability and serviceability.


Mr. Steve Francis, President and CEO -


Technicians and Service Providers  -

Our services technicians have several years of hands-on experience installing and servicing the Rain Bird ClimateMinder Monitoring  products. That experience translates into efficient and timely service to our customers.

Steve was raised in the Biggs/Richvale area in the heart of Northern California's farming community.  After attending Butte Community College to study Electronic Technology, he attended California State University Chico to achieve a B.S. Degree in Manufacturing Technology and Engineering with a minor in Operations Management.

Steve's past business experience includes:

  • 8+ years in remote sensing and controls for irrigation and environmental monitoring both in agricultural as well as municipal environments using both vendor and proprietary hardware.
  • Creation of an agricultural technology development company to assist the the development and maintenance of custom monitoring and control devices.
  • Agricultural topographic surveying and design for use in leveling and water management for agricultural fields and permanent crops.